$uper $tats: Gulfstream Park West 2015 edition

Author : Mike Davis
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(14-Oct-2015)
Paperback : 128 pages
ISBN 10 : 1515364259
ISBN 13 : 9781515364252
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781515364252
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One of the best money-making tools you can buy.Perfect for the seasoned handicapper, the student of the racing game, or a brand new fan trying to make sense of it all.$uper $tats began as a simple listing of all common statistics for a racing meet tabulated 4-deep, to allow more sensible wagering on superfectas.This most recent edition is still organized by specific distance and surface (since that's the precise event you're watching); it also, however, contains many additional features, like a listing of the connections that brought in long-shots in the top 4, a breakdown of each trainer showing the results by owner, a comparison of the participating jockeys at the various sprint distances, and much, much more!Cut your handicapping time and increase your profit by paying attention to the hard numbers, such as finish positions and odds, and ignoring the flood of soft numbers that you've been force-fed.Also included is a short section that shows several methods for increasing coverage in your trifectas and superfectas by relying more on past results and less on superficial appearances.