Srimad Ramayanamu - Valmiki Ramayanam - 2 volume set (Telugu Vachanamu) - Hardcover

Author : Saripalle Venkata Subrahmanya Somayaji
Publisher : SVS Somayaji (04-Jul-1905)
Hardcover : 830 pages
ISBN 10 : 935212815X
Language : Telugu
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ISBN: 9789352128150
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Valmiki Ramayanam Telugu 2 volumes. All the Sargas of Sri Valmiki are covered by giving relevant title. Important slokas covering Dharma, Neeti and Rama Vaibhava are given to make this as a Parayana Grandha. Rendering is made according to important vyakhyas of GOVINDA RAJIYAM and TILAKAM. YOGA VASISHTA and ADHYATMA RAMAYANA references are given where necessary. RIGVEDA MANTRA RAMAYANA is given as annexture. Sweet Telugu vachanam relishes every class of reader. This will be a valuable contribution to the home library. Two volumes of 470 pages of each in crown size with 6 KANDAS.