Sprinting for Weight Loss: How to Achieve an Accelerated Metabolism and Lose Weight Fast in Just 10 Minutes a Day (Weight Loss Tips)

Author : Jessica David
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(12-Apr-2015)
Paperback : 44 pages
ISBN 10 : 1511725788
ISBN 13 : 9781511725781
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781511725781
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A Faster Way To Lose Weight, If Not One Of The Fastest

There are many methods to losing weight fast. When it comes to the best exercises for incredibly fast weight loss there are none better than the sprint. Sprinting is for both men and women and can be performed with very little equipment (shoes are recommended). It activates almost all of the muscles on the body and can help achieve a lean, toned, strong body for any physique. The power of using 95% of your potential speed and activating your fast-fibers muscles is tremendous!A Sprinting Work Out Literally Takes MinutesThis book also includes foods and routines that will aid in your weight loss goals. By implementing these weight losing protocols one will be able achieve blistering fast loss. Once you have learned how to exercise and what to eat pre and post workout, you will start seeing changes in your body as you continue working out and follow the tips and guidelines outlined for you.

Inside You Will Learn

  • Metabolism And How It Works
  • Nutrition Tips For Pre And Post Workout
  • Sprinting And Its Effectiveness
  • Exercise To Accompany Sprints
  • The Calories Burning Process And The Amount
  • The Low Intensity Workout Misconception
Download this book and find out how sprinting can achieve an accelerated metabolism and lose weight fast!