Raau Mantra Vegala (Marathi) (Combo Pack) - Paperback

Author : N. S. Inamdar
Publisher : Continental Prakashan(23-May-1905)
Paperback : 977 pages
ISBN 10 : 8174210156
ISBN 13 : 9788174210159
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ISBN: 9788174210159
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Get two books related to Peshwas. About Raau by N. S. Inamdar: Raau is a story of Bajirao Peshawe, the Prime Minister of the Maratha empire in the 18th century (1720-1740). The book revolves around the lives of Bajirao, Radhabai (his mother), Chimaji Appa (brother), Kashibai (wife), Nanasaheb (son), and Mastani (second wife) along with other important characters in his Bajirao Peshawe's cabinet and family. At the heart of this book is the love story of Bajirao and Mastani. Pages: 417, Price: Rs. 400 About Mantra Vegala by N. S. Inamdar: This highly researched novel is based on life of Peshwa Bajirao II who lost to British forces. Pages: 560, Price: Rs. 350