Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime & Black Hole Thermodynamics (Paper) (Chicago Lectures in Physics)

Author : Wald
Publisher : University of Chicago Press(01-Sep-1994)
Paperback : 220 pages
ISBN 10 : 0226870278
ISBN 13 : 9780226870274
Language : English
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ISBN: 9780226870274
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In this book, Robert Wald provides a pedagogical introduction to the formulation of quantum field theory in curved spacetime. He begins with a treatment of the ordinary one-dimensional quantum harmonic oscillator, progresses through the construction of quantum field theory in flat spacetime to possible constructions of quantum field theory in curved spacetime, and, ultimately, to an algebraic formulation of the theory. In his presentation, Wald disentangles essential features of the theory from inessential ones (such as a particle interpretation) and clarifies relationships between various approaches to the formulation of the theory. He also provides a comprehensive, up-to-date account of the Unruh effect, the Hawking effect, and some of its ramifications. In particular, the subject of black hole thermodynamics, which remains an active area of research, is treated in depth. This book is intended for students and researchers who have had introductory courses in general relativity and quantum field theory, and should be of interest to scientists in general relativity and related fields.