Pahlavi Texts (Part 5) - Vol. 47 (Sacred Books of the East)

Author : F. Max Muller
Publisher : Motilal Banarsidass(04-Jul-1905)
Hardcover : 234 pages
ISBN 10 : 8120801482
ISBN 13 : 9788120801486
Language : English
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ISBN: 9788120801486
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Gypsies have been reading pams for hundreds of years and everyone knows that they can te you the future. Madame a Roux is a bona fide gypsy who has traveed the country and read thousands of pams. In this fact-packed book, she teaches you how to get information from the ines, the fingers, the thumb, the bumbs and knots, the his and vaeys of the pam--so you can accuratey predict the future for yoursef and for your friends. It is an easy-to-earn technique, and she provides pictures of hands and ines, present case studies, checkists, and suppies worksheets that enabe you to quicky grasp the overa meaning of a of the features of the hand. Aso incuded are instructions for making good pamprints. This is the book to have if you want to earn to read the pam!