Managing Quality Cultural Tourism (Heritage: Care-Preservation-Management) - Hardcover

Author : Priscilla Boniface
Publisher : Routledge(02-Nov-1995)
Hardcover : 140 pages
ISBN 10 : 0415099854
ISBN 13 : 9780415099851
Language : English
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ISBN: 9780415099851
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Managing Quality Cultural Tourismis an authoritative look at how to manage cultural tourist sites to best meet the needs of the visitors, the presenters and the site itself. As cultural tourism increases the management of heritage sites becomes more complex. Priscilla Boniface addresses these crucial management issues using a marketing approach to identify the needs of all concerned.
This volume is specifically aimed at professionals and students of leisure, tourism and heritage management. It provides an invaluable background to cultural tourism and then focuses on some important issues involved with managing a heritage site - education, entertainment and preservation - and considers appropriate ways of dealing with the needs of the tourist, the presenters and the cultural site.
Managing Quality Cultural Tourismsuggests a way forward for cultural tourism. It is an indispensable tool for all involved in tourism and heritage industries.