Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics - Paperback

Author : B.J.Venkatchala
Publisher : NEW AGE (2003)
Paperback : 692 pages
ISBN 10 : 8122409806
Language : English
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ISBN: 9788122409802
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Challenge And Thrill Of Pre-College Mathematics, co-authored by Dr V Krishnamurthy, C R Pranesachar, B J Venkatchala, and K N Rananathan was written to help students enjoy mathematics at its best. It can urge the reader to explore new methodologies to have maximum fun with numbers, and opt for a higher course in mathematics. The book was specifically designed to help the student community, and develop a strong affinity towards problem solving.

The book offers many complicated, and interesting challenges for the user, keeping them engaged throughout. A large number of solved problems are also included in Challenge And Thrill Of Pre-College Mathematics, to give readers an insight into the subject. The book can be an eye-opener for school students of class 7 and above. The materials given in the book are powerful enough to help them develop a strong interest for the subject. The concepts are explained in a simple and comprehensive manner, providing them with a good understanding of mathematical fundamentals.

What makes the book distinct is its detailed sections on geometry, that can improve the reasoning skills of students. There are also detailed accounts on algebra and trigonometry, enhancing the competitive ability of the users. The topics such as combinatorics, number theory, and probability are also explained in detail, in the book. Each chapter was designed with the intention of motivating students to appreciate the excitement that mathematical problems can provide. Published in 2003 by New Age International Publishers, the book is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • The book includes a collection of more than 300 solved numerical problems, compiled from various national, as well as international mathematical olympiads.
  • It is widely recommended by students and teachers, alike as an essential preparatory book for those writing competitive examinations.