Basic and applied soil mechanics - Paperback

Author : Gopal Ranjan
Publisher : NEW AGE (2006-12-01)
Paperback : 762 pages
ISBN 10 : 8122412238
Language : English
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ISBN: 9788122412239
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Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics is intended for use as an up-to-date text for the two-course sequence of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering offered to undergraduate civil engineering students. It provides a modern coverage of the engineering properties of soils and makes extensive reference to the Indian Standard Codes of Practice while discussing practices in Foundation Engineering. Some topics of special interest, like the Schmertmann procedure for extrapolation of field compressibility, determination of secondary compression, Lambes stress-path concept, pressure meter testing and foundation practices on expansive soils including certain widespread myths, find a place in the text. The book includes over 160 fully solved examples, which are designed to illustrate the application of the principles of soil mechanics in practical situations. Extensive use of SI units, side by side with other mixed units, makes it easy for the students as well as professionals who are less conversant with the SI units, gain familiarity with this system of international usage. Inclusion of about 160 short-answer questions and over 400 objective questions in the Question Bank makes the book useful for engineering students as well as for those preparing for GATE, UPSC and other qualifying examinations. In addition to serving the needs of the civil engineering students, the book will serve as a handy reference for the practising engineers as well. About The Author: Gopal Ranjan obtained his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada. He joined the University of Roorkee in 1960 and became Professor in 1975 and Vice Chancellor in 1996. He is an active consultant. His research papers, numbering over a hundred and fifty five have been published in national and internationa