1,001 Ways the Republican Party is Screwing the Middle Class

Author : Jason Katzman
Publisher : Arcade Publishing(18-Oct-2012)
Paperback : 256 pages
ISBN 10 : 1616087455
ISBN 13 : 9781616087456
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781616087456
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Whether you're a hardcore left winger or are still feeling the stings from the Bush Administration, "1,001 Ways the Republican Party is Screwing the Middle Class" is a no-holds-barred book that lays down the truths as to why the majority is being shafted by the minority in this country. Republicans could care less about the middle class, and if you didn't believe it before, after reading this, you most certainly will. With the pathetic tax cuts for the rich, it's obvious that the Republicans only care for themselves. They're consistently ignoring the hard working people of this country that keep it running and only care to help the 'power elite.' Not only should all Democrats and Independents read this book, but maybe if a few Republicans picked it up as well, they'd see the damage they're doing and (hopefully) change some things about the way they operate. One can only hope.