1,001 Reasons to Love Baseball

Author : Danny Peary
Publisher : Stewart, Tabori and Chang(01-May-2004)
Hardcover : 320 pages
ISBN 10 : 1584793546
ISBN 13 : 9781584793878
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781584793878
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The crack of the bat. The All-Star lineup. Playing catch with your dad. Bleacher seats in early summer. A hot dog with everything. Three up, three out. The seventh inning stretch. Barry Bond's breathtaking, tie-breaking home run at the bottom of the ninth. There are so many reasons to love America's national pastime: With more than 300 pages of classic photos, memorable quotes, and fascinating facts, this winning compilation counts the ways.

The second title in Stewart, Tabori & Chang's successful series, 1,001 Reasons to Love Baseball celebrates a sport that combines the mathematical strategy of a chess match with the larger-than-life characters of a Broadway show. Striking archival and modern illustrations illuminate memorable moments, incredible feats, equipment and collectibles, the country's greatest ballparks, the game's most famous players, and much more. Passionate philosopher-fans will savor excerpts from the canon of baseball literature, and anyone who has ever experienced the triumph of catching a fly ball can appreciate the simple truths on the list. Chock full of trivia, information, and sentiment, the book's a sure hit.