1001 Hunting Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Taking Deer, Big and Small Game, Upland Birds, and Waterfowl

Author : Lamar Underwood
Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing(27-Oct-2010)
Paperback : 400 pages
ISBN 10 : 1602396906
ISBN 13 : 9781602396906
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781602396906
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No matter how skilled a hunter you are right now, novice or expert, "1001 Hunting Tips" will make you better. Author and outdoorsman Lamar Underwood offers words of wisdom on this adrenaline-filled sport and has put together a timeless guide on how to improve your hunting techniques. Within these pages are precious nuggets of hunting lore and wisdom proven in the field. From deer stands to duck blinds to spruce forests and mountain ranges where bear and moose roam, be assured that "1001 Hunting Tips" is a solid guide that will help you be the finest hunter for every minute spent out on the field. Having bad luck trying to bag that whitetail buck you want so ardently With "1001 Hunting Tip"s s special bonus coverage of whitetail deer hunting, you ll find tactics to fit every type of deer hunting terrain and situationwith gun and bow.Upland game and bird and waterfowl hunters will find new, useful ideas that will make success in the field a regular occurrence. Big game hunters who heed the call of adventure will find advice and skills from those who have gone before. And, of course, guns and loads are covered in every aspect of hunting."