1000 Things Worth Knowing: That All Who Read May Know - Paperback

Author : Nathaniel C. Fowler
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(02-Jan-2015)
Paperback : 238 pages
ISBN 10 : 1505926742
ISBN 13 : 9781505926743
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781505926743
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"This book contains more than one thousand facts, many of which are not generally known to the average person; but all of them are of interest to humankind, and a knowledge of many of them is essential.The author has used the simplest English, and has avoided, as far as possible, all technical or scientific terms. He has endeavored not to fall into the common error of making his explanations harder to understand than the subjects treated.This book is not intended for the scientist, nor does it claim to be exhaustive. In the space of a few hundred pages the writer has presented the thousand or more things which are really worth knowing, and which are usually described at unprofitable length and without that simplicity of expression so essential to clearness.For Example;Algebra: -The discoverer or the first user of algebra is unknown. It is said that Dio-phantus wrote it in 170 A. D., and he may have been its inventor. It was brought into Spain in about 900. Its signs are said to have been used first in 1544, but algebra did not come into common use until 1590. Descartes applied algebra, to geometry in 1637.Almanacs: - The word " almanac " is of Saxon origin, and probably the first almanac was published in 1470, and the first in English in 1673.Amazons: -An ancient body of warlike women, ruled by a queen, who allowed no man to live with them. They were opposed to marriage and resolved to form a female state. They burned off their right breasts that they might better use the bow and jave-lin. This custom is the origin of the name "Amazons" or "breastless ones."