100 British Chairs - Hardcover

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Publisher : ACC Art Books(25-May-2015)
Hardcover : 144 pages
ISBN 10 : 1851497978
ISBN 13 : 9781851497973
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781851497973
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100 British Chairs depicts a selection of chairs that date from several important periods in the history of British chair design. Presented in a roughly chronological sequence, the emphasis is on early (pre-1745) and late (post-1840) periods. The presentation is also thematic, and this more accurately represents the purpose of the book, which is to illustrate some of the key developments in British chair design in the chosen periods. Design and development before 1740 were largely the work of artists and craftsmen whose names have been lost, so the chairs are mostly unattributed and arranged by type and period. The later chairs are arranged differently, highlighting the work of well-known designers of the Gothic Revival, Arts and Crafts, and other progressive British design schools.Readers wanting more detailed information can find it, together with numerous images, in the full online catalogue:www.crabtreefarmcollections.org.This will be continually developed and updated to include new research.The online catalogue also aims to be a forum for debate and the dissemination of knowledge. In this way, historic British chairs that until now were not available for study and comment can be made accessible.