100-0: Sunderland-Newcastle/Newcastle-Sunderland: (100-0: Book 4)

Author : Tim Glynne-Jones
Publisher : Bantam Press(04-Dec-2014)
Hardcover : 208 pages
ISBN 10 : 0593074602
ISBN 13 : 9780593074602
Language : English
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ISBN: 9780593074602
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Sunderland Newcastle. Newcastle Sunderland. North-east giants. Detested opponents. Sunderland: League champions six times. Newcastle: four. Could well stay that way! 1-0 Sunderland. As for that 1973 FA Cup final, beating Leeds, Jim Montgomery's save... 1955 is a long time ago now, eh. 2-0 Sunderland. Three derby wins in a row! What was that scoreline again 3-0 Sunderland. You get the picture. But there are two sides to every story. Newcastle: Fairs Cup winners in 1969.A full 16 seasons in Europe. Sunderland: not so well travelled, are we 1-0 Newcastle. St. James' Park. Centre of the city. The Stadium of Light Pah! 2-0 Newcastle. Jackie Milburn. Kevin Keegan. Alan Shearer. Marco Gabbiadini 3-0 Newcastle. You decide.