10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech - Paperback

Author : Fletcher Dean
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(17-Oct-2011)
Paperback : 113 pages
ISBN 10 : 1463742770
ISBN 13 : 9781463742775
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781463742775
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The boss asks, "Can you write a speech?" She wants you to say yes. You want to say yes. But the truth is, you're not sure.

That's when you turn to "10 Steps to Vital Speechwriting," the pithy, wise, realistic and readable guide to speechwriting. It's written by speechwriting guru Fletcher Dean, and published by the prestigious monthly magazine "Vital Speeches of the Day."

10 Steps to Vital Speechwriting is a brisk guide through the skills that make speechwriting such a valued and lucrative communication specialty. It teaches readers how to analyze audiences, target them with your message, interview the speaker and research the speech, form your material into a compelling story, give it structure, write it with style, create visual aids and coach your speaker through the delivery process.

This manual contains insider tips, checklists and counterintuitive but important truths. And every lesson in this book is illuminated by an inspiring and helpful example from speeches by presidents and prime ministers, CEOs and military generals, political provocateurs and church leaders.

Readers of this manual will not only be able to respond to their worried boss in the affirmative, they'll be raring to go.