10 Must Reads: Inclusion - Empowering New Audiences - Hardcover

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Publisher : Museumsetc(03-Mar-2014)
Hardcover : 376 pages
ISBN 10 : 1910144053
ISBN 13 : 9781910144053
Language : English
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Forward-looking museums are committed to involving once-excluded communities in life-changing ways. Yours can too! Whether your institution is still at the planning stage, or already taking action, you'll find this book an inspiring, practical guide to new models of inclusion within museums and galleries of all sizes, types and budgets. If you read nothing else on inclusion, read these 10 essays! We've reviewed literally hundreds of MuseumsEtc chapters and selected the most important ones to help you enhance your - and your organisation's - thinking and action on inclusion. Our 10 Must Reads: Inclusion - Empowering New Audiences will inspire you to: * involve a wide range of marginalised or excluded groups * avoid elitist approaches inherent in traditional collecting, exhibition and research * implement change-orientated programming * use digital technologies which are inclusive, adaptable and accessible * measure change to create a strong evidence base for future work * make your museum a transformative space for social action * generate new forms of knowledge in collaboration with new stakeholders * explore how far museums can go to achieve positive social outcomes.