$10 High Profit Products: Discover The Online Techniques Of Selling To Customers Using The Most Profitable Products That Can Earn You Steady Profits Over And Over Again - Paperback

Author : Spencer B. Hilton
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform(07-Nov-2012)
Paperback : 24 pages
ISBN 10 : 1480261459
ISBN 13 : 9781480261457
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781480261457
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In internet marketing, every little bit helps to add to your profits. If you can increase your bottom line even at just $10.00 at a time, in that case you should try to incorporate this strategy within your daily business plan. There is a technique you can apply when marketing and selling online that employs the use of five different types of products. These products can be sold for a small profit and earn autopilot $10.00 profits without putting forth any further effort past creating the product itself. These aren't just any ordinary 10 buck products. These are products that will continually earn you profits consistently over and over again for as long as you sell or distribute them. The idea behind this technique is that it is much easier to get a person to part with $10.00 than it would be to get them to spend, say, $100.00 on a single product.It may seem at first as if you must do more work to make the most money as you will need to sell to 10x as many people. However, over time, you will see the benefits as your income base increases and you will see how the smaller payouts will give a nice little "kick" to your bank account.