1: Secret Vampire (Night World) - Paperback

Author : L J Smith
Publisher : Hachette Children's Group(07-May-2009)
Paperback : 624 pages
ISBN 10 : 0340996625
ISBN 13 : 9780340996621
Language : English
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ISBN: 9780340996621
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In 'Secret Vampire', Poppy is dying.Her best friend, James can offer her eternal life - as a vampire. One kiss and she sees into his soul. But can she follow him into death ... and beyond?

In 'Daughters of Darkness', there are three sisters with a secret, on the run from their cruel and ruthless brother. Can their new human friend Mary Lynette resist the powerful charm of their brother -and save the sisters and herself from a deadly fate at the hands of a werewolf?

In 'Enchantress', Blaise is irrestistible. She's lethal. She bewitches boys for sport. then she meets a boy who matters to her cousin. Thea. They become rivals in love. It's Thea's white magic against Blaise's black magic. They're both breaking the rules. But it's Thea who risks expulsion from the Night World ...