02: You Can't Come In Here! (Creepover) - Paperback

Author : P. J. Night
Publisher : Hachette Children's Group(05-Apr-2012)
Paperback : 160 pages
ISBN 10 : 1907411240
ISBN 13 : 9781907411243
Language : English
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ISBN: 9781907411243
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Emily Hunter loves hanging out with her new neighbours. From their decked-out chill-out room to their almost-professional guitar playing, Drew and Vicky Strig are super cool.
The only bummer is that Drew and Vicky are homeschooled and Emily's other friends haven't got to know them yet. So Emily comes up with a plan for everyone to meet - a big party and sleepover at her house!
But as Emily gets ready for the party, she begins to wonder about Drew and Vicky. They won't let Emily into certain rooms in their house. And a wolf howls on their lawn every night. Is it only Emily's overactive imagination or are the new neighbours more than just a little strange?