007 Exotic Location; Bahamas - Paperback

Author : James, Jr. Arnold
Publisher : Reel Art(06-Aug-2009)
Paperback : 362 pages
ISBN 10 : 0974324116
ISBN 13 : 9780974324111
Language : English
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ISBN: 9780974324111
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Ever wanted to visit those exciting and exotic film locations of James Bond, but never knew where to find them? This book points you in the right direction. 007 Exotic Location, Bahamas, shows you the 50 Exotic filming Locations of Seven of the 007 James Bond films shot in the Bahamas and also points out over 140 other filming sights from other films that you will want to see along the way! More than 360 pages and 300 Pictures in Book! Trivia and Bloopers are given from each of the Seven 007 James Bond films examined. Country locations of every 007 film are given. In the second half of the book over 200 007 Real Props and Collectables Shown! Most of the collectables you can buy directly from author's website! You will Want To Go Tomorrow!!!